Descriptions of Presentations
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Descriptions of Presentations

Presentations vary depending upon the allotted time and the intended audience. However, all of the programs have several commonalties: humor, education, and fun.

Grossology 101

30 minute presentations

This thirty minutes of fun hops around exploring many facets of the disgusting world. Demonstrations may include how to make fake poo, fake blood, fake snot or maybe edible fake barf. Information about DALs or food defect action levels may slip its way into the show. Basically, this presentation is a true potpourri of grossness. The demonstrations and activities from the thirty-minute shows are combined in this action packed hour of yucks.

Grossology, the science of really gross things

1 hour presentation

The demonstrations and activities from the thirty-minute shows are combined in this action packed hour of yucks. Also Power Point slides are presented to offer a complete discussion of gross topics (scientifically, of course).


30 minute presentation

How do colds and flu spread from person to person? And how can you stop them? Germzappers is a presentation that spreads the germy message with demonstrations like germy fingers, germs among friends, how far does a sneeze go, and fake snot. By the end of the show, the audience will have a new appreciation for elbow sneezing and handwashing.

Rebel in a Dress

45 minute presentation

"You're a girl, you can't do that." Rebel in a Dress is talk about heroes, women heroes who wouldn't accept the gender limits of their times. These are real stories about independent ladies in history. Some of the women are famous, some not so much so. Through their stories, the special qualities it takes to become a hero are explored and revealed. This program introduces six of these women.

In this talk using discussion and a Power Point Presentation, the audience will gain information on women in history and uncover attributes that create strong character. More importantly, they will take away an understanding that what you do matters and one person can make a difference.

Wacky Dog

Wacky Dog and Friends have played the Northwest with our own flavor of Kid Rock & Roll for over twenty years. Wacky Dog does Standards, like BINGO, and Originals, like the Buddy Dog Song. We perform the joyful dance for children at libraries, schools, fairs, and festivals. We sing songs and involve the audience by having them accompany us with hand movements, dances, and rhythm instruments. We also invite participants on-stage for interactive activities. For further info go to

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